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Welcome to BEE-FIT

We are health & fitness professionals who provide structure, direction and guidance to overwhelmed individuals with numerous health & fitness goals. We give you the one thing you need the most - CLARITY, making fat loss & gaining strength clear and easy to understand.


 Our name stands for: Believe in Better Health, Education for Life and Empower Yourself - and these are key aspects within all of our coaching services.
Our expert coaches are dedicated to providing guidance and support towards achieving your goals. Using a combination of evidence-based recommended practice and their vast experience - they provide you with all the tools to achieve fantastic results. You WILL improve your body composition with Bee-Fit: reduce body fat, improve muscle shape and size, and gain vitally important strength.

Our packages are designed to give us more time with each individual client, meaning you will have more impactful coaching, targeting the 3 main areas of training, nutrition and mindset. We believe that continually improving your health & fitness is a valuable lifestyle choice. Our packages reflect our values, and we aim to give our best services towards delivering on those values.
If you are f
eeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do to improve your health & fitness, then look no further than Bee-Fit Coaching. We provide the component you are missing the most; clarity. No more quick-fixes, fad diets, training programme-hopping and over-thinking leading to inaction.


This is not just great results in the short-term. This is education for life.

Your progress is the primary motivation for what we do. This is the next step to a healthier, fitter, stronger 'you'. 


We’ll see you soon.

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Contact Info:


Tel: 07300209113 / 07300209105

Our Addresses:

Classes :


Whitchurch Community Centre, Old Church Road, Cardiff, CF14 1AD

Personal Training Cardiff:


Location 1: Home Garage Gym located in Rhiwbina 


Location 2: Cardiff Personal Training Studio, 135 Maindy Road, Cardiff CF24 4HN (Katie & Liam Only)

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