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10 things you should know about: Bee-Fit Personal Training

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

1. We have trained clients from a vast range of backgrounds, training histories, sporting disciplines and health conditions. We have trained clients of all ages, of varying experience with exercise. Here is a list of some of the variety of clients we have trained: Rugby players, rowers, boxers, footballers, netball players, golfers, basketball players, members of the forces, dancers, runners, cyclists. We have trained pre/post-natal women, obese individuals, covered pre/post-op injury rehabilitation and more. We have programmed for bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and sports performance. We have covered a lot - but we also love a new challenge and we are confident that we can provide valuable coaching to you regardless of your different goals and needs.

2. We have further qualifications in specialist areas. Katie has a BSc in Sports Science and has qualified in Level 3 Pre & Post-natal coaching. Sean has an MSc in Strength & Conditioning.

3. We programme all your sessions specifically to suit your needs, with a high attention to detail. All of our clients will have different programmes. Whilst the principles of what we coach will be integral to all of our coaching services - all the exercises, weights used, amount of training volume involved, your rate of progression, the order of exercises used etc can all change for each individual. We programme all of your sessions and track your performance for each sessions, paying attention to whether you are able to perform the prescribed amount of reps for each exercise at the given weight, and how difficult you found each set. We will regularly perform agreed test measures with you to keep track of your progress and to review the effectiveness of the programming. We attribute a large part of our success as coaches to these processes.

4. We are evidence-based coaches. Our knowledge does not only come from many years of experience and reflective practice, but from extensive time spent reading research and evidence in the literature. We aim to provide as much advice as coaches which has support from valid and reliable sources of evidence (unlike an instagram post on the latest shortcut from your favourite influencer with no supporting references!). If we are providing evidence from anecdotal experience or personal recommendations, we will clearly state this - and we will actively encourage you to challenge our recommendations if you are unsure about anything we advise - if we cannot provide evidence or strong justification for our recommendations, then this invalidates the advice!

5. We actively encourage lots of questions (inside and outside of sessions). We believe that coaching is mostly education. We have experienced that clients who actively think about the deeper ‘whys’ behind what they are advised to do are more likely to sustain their progress with PT. Being engaged with the process both inside and outside the sessions can help to promote key values such as motivation, discipline, consistency. We can assist you in your decision making outside of the sessions, along with helping to provide some clarity on potential pieces of misinformation you can read in the media or online.

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6. We pride ourselves on our ability to rise to a challenge as coaches. Our mantra is that if a client comes to us with a condition/specific need and we are not familiar with it - we will seek to understand them and research the area thoroughly before proceeding. We will never profess to know it all, nor will we overstep our professional boundaries, however we are happy and willing to take on a challenge - educating ourselves along the way and ensuring that we can provide a safe and effective coaching service. If something lies outside of our professional scope, we will be honest and attempt to point you in the direction of a more suitable professional to advise you.

7. We are highly adaptable in our methods, instruction, programming and application. We treat everyone as individuals - which means that we adapt our coaching to each individual. If things aren’t working as effectively as planned, or you request for us to change a particular aspect of the coaching, we will take notice and together (with you) decide on the best course of action to move forwards. Our approach allows us to be flexible when necessary whilst still providing consistent, routine improvements to your health & fitness.

8. We work as a team. The relationship between client and coach is an enormous key to success. We are working together, it is not dictatorial instruction. The coach will recommend the best suggestions based on what you want to achieve

and how things are going. The goal is to find WIN/WIN scenarios in which any decisions are made together for the benefit of both parties. Furthermore, with your permission, we can either ask for a second opinion within the Bee-Fit team or through an external, trusted source of information when you would require more clarity or for matters which we aren’t as understand ing over.

9. We offer packages which allow you to include additional services that can greatly enhance your experience and progression towards your goals. There are many well-documented benefits to exercise and training, however we understand that there are some benefits which may be achievable through other methods than by personal training alone. An example of this would be the importance of nutrition on your health & fitness. Practicing poor nutritional habits can significantly reduce the positive impact of your training. There may also be some practical limitations such as the inability to find time for regular PT slots on a 1-1 basis. For these reasons we can offer additional packages to include other coaching services alongside your personal training sessions which can further help to provide value to you and your goals.

10. We are human too! We go out with friends and have one (or several…) too many

drinks from time to time. We love going out for food, even though it can go over our calorie limit for the day. We sometimes cut our training sessions short because we are so tired, and have nothing left in the tank to push ourselves with. We will order a takeaway some nights when we can’t be bothered to cook any more meals. We are not perfect - so we would never expect you to be. So long as most of the time things are adhered to, you will see progress. There will be times where things do not go as planned. All we ask is that you respond to this well - own it, and we can decide the best course of action to take for your next step forwards. We will support you as much as we can regardless of whether you make some mistakes or not.

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