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10 Things you should know about: BeeFit Classes

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

There are many fantastic exercise classes out there to choose from - each of them with their own key focus, instruction style and methods involved. So, what is it that makes us different?

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Read the following 10 items and find out what it is we do at BeeFit for our own classes.

1. We programme all our classes independently. This ensures that we can provide a strong balance between variety (timings, exercises, formats) and progression by maintaining some element of structure and consistency within movements. This level of detail allows the classes to flow effectively, whilst it also gives us the opportunity to see how you are all improving and to reflect on the effectiveness of certain classes.

2. We provide two coaches with every class. It can be very difficult to provide lots of one-to-one coaching in a large class of mixed abilities when you are a solo coach. We have two coaches in the classes so that everyone can have access to individual coaching when required - enabling a more personalised experience within the class.

3. We rarely repeat the same format twice in a block. We like to keep the class from getting repetitive as much as possible, so we will always endeavour to provide a different format. The timings, layout and exercises used in each class will differ. It will also be a challenge from a fitness perspective - as you may find that certain class formats or timing systems vary in the amount of recovery you are able to get between exercises. Your heart rate may remain elevated for longer periods in certain formats, whereas in other formats you may experience a higher amount of muscular fatigue than cardiovascular fatigue. If you like a certain format - don’t get too comfortable, as it won’t be the same next week!

4. We use different types of exercises in each class. There will be a variety of exercises from different modalities in each class such as: bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, dumbbells, high-intensity exercises, movement complexes, power-based exercises, TRX movements and more. You can learn how to use different equipment for similar movements and benefits - which can be really useful if you have limited equipment or train in a busy gym at peak times!

5. We keep track of your progress. We guide you through a small set of strength/fitness tests each block, which can be used to gauge your progress made throughout the block. It also provides us with an additional review tool to base our programming decisions from.

6. We care about you as an individual in a group setting. We can adapt all of the exercises in our class to suit your needs. We will accommodate your personal needs and limitations within the constraints of the class to the best of our abilities. If you have any particular issues which may blunt the effectiveness of the class for you, we will be honest and upfront with you to ensure you do not book on until you feel comfortable and safe enough to participate.

7. Blocks are sold as first-come, first-served - but returning members from the previous block receive priority access (1-2 weeks before general public). We reward the loyalty of our returning members by giving them earlier access to the next block bookings. We only sell blocks of classes, we do not offer a pay-per-session scheme - however you can book onto the block at any time and only need to pay for remaining sessions on the current block. We also offer the option to pay for a one-off session as a trial for the first time you approach us - however this is a one-time-only offer. Packages are also available for classes + personal training sessions together.

8. We like to throw a sneaky finisher in at the end of the class. Time permitted - we often give our members a quick blast of an every-minute-on-the-minute (EMOM) or as-many-reps/rounds-as-possible (AMRAP) workout at the end of the session. It’s an exciting, fun way to end the session - it gets your heart rate elevated, gets your adrenaline pumping and leaves you feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished.

9. We reward our members with a free class if they refer a person who signs up to a block of classes. We appreciate any help we get with marketing - anybody that is self-employed will tell you is a frustrating but major part of running a business! If you refer somebody to us, as a token of our gratitude we will reward you with a free class (terms & conditions apply - the individual must sign up for a block and confirm you referred them before you can use your free session).

10. We operate under WIN-WIN conditions. If you are happy with the service you are paying for - we are happy! We want you to enjoy the setting, complete a fantastic workout and get great value for your money. If there is anything you think we can improve upon - we are open to suggestions and your feedback is always welcome.

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