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BEE-FIT: Will I lose weight/fat by doing your classes?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The short answer is that you can only lose weight/fat whilst you are in a calorie deficit. This essentially means you are burning more calories every day than you are consuming. Unfortunately no single class or training session will be solely responsible for weight/fat loss - but, the classes can certainly contribute towards it.

Building your calorie deficit can consist of a combination of lowering calorie consumption in your diet and increasing calorie expenditure through exercise - in this context the class can be extremely useful.

Members attending the class that wear Fitbits have found that they burned a significantly high amount of calories in the time they trained with us. It is very likely that the class itself is one of the highest calorie expenditure hours of the week for all that attend. This is very efficient in terms of the ratio of time spent: calories burned if you are looking to burn more calories through exercise.

Along with this, the high frequency of weight-based movement patterns, and the amount of repetitions performed can also help to build muscle mass. Additional muscle mass can help to increase metabolic rate while strength and aerobic fitness improvements in the class can help to assist in the performance of other activities throughout the week.

Improved endurance and buffering of fatigue can improve the possibility of exercising longer or more frequently throughout the week - increasing calorie expenditure even further in other activities or sessions!

Therefore to summarise - we will not claim our class is the sole benefactor of your weight/fat loss - however we can confidently say that it is very likely to play a huge part in contributing towards you being in a calorie deficit (perhaps more than other activities) - along with potentially assisting in improving your likelihood to keep weight/fat off after losing it!

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