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BEE-FIT: Our Mission Statement

Updated: Mar 24


Many of the most successful companies in the world have a powerful mission statement. In essence, this mission statement defines the key values your business believes in. It encompasses all that you aim to deliver, and displays your key intentions behind what you do. It stands as an identity by which your employees, your consumers and the market can recognise you.

In order to create the optimal mission statement - all members of the organisation should be encouraged to contribute towards its creation with their ideas and values. In these regards, a collective group of ideas can synergise and form a statement which each individual is a part of. This builds a sense of collective responsibility for the workings of that organisation.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you all to our mission statement at Bee-Fit. The initial reason behind why we chose Bee-Fit as our name was a play-on-words taken from Katie’s maiden name (Beesley). We have always believed that “Being Fit” is important for better health and longevity. However after getting married, we discussed whether we should consider changing our branding.

I first became aware of the concept of a mission statement from a fantastic book called The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. I could not recommend this book enough to anyone. Before we discussed our change of branding, I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss our mission statement, and we can re-brand in line with that.

After our meeting, in which we listed all the key elements to what we aim to provide, what we believe in, the services we offer etc. We were able to summarise our organisation's values in a few key statements/principles. What we found next was amazing - our numerous key values could be shortened down to 3 key phrases - which we can make into an anagram which fits perfectly in line with our branding. We don’t need to change after all, and Katie gets to keep a part of her maiden name involved in our business. Win-Win!

The BEE-FIT mission statement is as follows:

Believe in Better Health

Empower Yourself

Education for Life

The ‘B’ is where it all starts for us; Believe in Better Health. We believe that everyone owes themselves the right to better health. Or, at least, the maintenance of a healthier state for as long as possible. Health gives you the best opportunity to use the time you have as well as possible. Additionally, better physical and physiological health components achieved through training can provide massive advantages to performance of physical activity, mental wellbeing and sense of personal achievement. Our belief that better health is and can be for everyone is the cornerstone of our motivation for coaching.

The first ‘E’ stands for Empower Yourself. We greatly appreciate that you are putting a lot of trust into us to support you. We aim to help you to improve your confidence and self-belief. We will always be there for you when you need us, but we also want you to feel able to control your own health and fitness, and be proud of yourself for all the positive changes you make and continue to apply. This is your journey, your goals and your results. We are there by your side to help lead the way.

The second ‘E’ stands for Education for Life. This is the area in which fantastic results are achieved. We don’t recommend quick fixes (unless they are absolutely necessary such as if there is an immediate threat to health without a change). As coaches we believe a key part of our role is in providing education to the public about health & fitness. Our goal is to provide useful knowledge that is not just useful in the immediate/short-term sense, but knowledge that can be used for the rest of your life. This requires extensive research of relevant areas, and the ability to explain detailed information in an understandable way to our clients. We also aim to keep up to date with new research and developments within our industry - in order to try to make our education as relevant and as useful as possible.

These principles will provide us with a key framework for our business to operate within. Our decisions, methods and philosophies as coaches will all be made with the mission statement in mind. It will become a crucial part of our practice as coaches for the indefinite future. We are proud of our message, and we aim to deliver all of our coaching services with the key principles in mind. We hope that the mission statement will be evident in the work we do, and that in time, our mission statement will be something in which we can be identified and remembered by.


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