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BEE-FIT: The advantages of being a complete beginner to PT

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

We often get asked in our enquiries ‘do you take on complete beginners to training?’. The answer is an instant yes - we actually really enjoy taking on clients that are brand new to training. Here are some of the reasons why we encourage beginners to start training with us - and even some of the advantages you may have in coming to us as a beginner over some others with more training experience.

1. You are a blank canvas. It can be very difficult at times to help clients to change how they perform movement patterns which may have been performed in a less efficient/ineffective manner for a number of years. Additionally, experienced clients can have previous injuries or issues which make them apprehensive or limited when performing certain movement patterns. New clients are experiencing everything for the first time, and may not be limited by pre-conceived ideas or negative previous training habits.

2. Progress generally comes quickly and easily. This is a somewhat controversial statement - but most beginners will find that just by starting to do some training (even if it is not optimally structured or performance of each movement isn’t optimal) they will progress quickly when they start. This is particularly true in the mechanisms of developing foundation strength. ‘What’ you do and ‘how’ you do it when you first start doesn’t limit progress anywhere near as much as when you are more experienced. But - if you start with a coach as a beginner that teaches you about optimising your training early on - you experience the beginner benefits of fast progression and have structures set in place to progress more later on.

3. New clients are always exciting for us as coaches regardless of the level of experience. With new clients come new challenges, new relationships, and new opportunities to learn and develop. Whilst it is very rewarding for us to see our long-term clients achieving amazing results after lots of time with us, it is equally as exciting to begin a new journey with a beginner. Neither party really knows about the potential a new beginner has - discovering that and cultivating that is very motivating to both parties.

4. Trust and education. We are by no means making out that we are the source of all success in health & fitness. In fact, many of the most successful people we know draw their knowledge and inspiration from a number of trusted sources. They take out the most valuable information from each source and apply it to their lives. However, we also experience many of our clients coming to us having been left confused, mis-informed and sometimes even carrying a negative impression of our industry as a whole. These past experiences can be difficult to dissociate with. As a beginner - we can help you in line with our mission statement and values to ensure you do not have negative experiences in personal training. We encourage you to gather information from other sources as well as us and to decide for yourselves what works best for you - this includes fact-checking our information too to check our reliability (we have nothing to hide away from!).

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