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BEE-FIT: Uzma's Experience

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

As coaches, there are few things that bring as much pride and joy as a happy client who has surpassed their own expectations of themselves. It is extremely rewarding to see a client achieving their goals, adopting a completely new outlook on their health & fitness, and in some cases changing their entire lifestyle for the better. We thoroughly enjoy coaching, including all the challenges that come with it. We celebrate all our client’s successes, no matter how big or small.

Occasionally, a particular client will produce some incredible results in relation to their personal goals and expectations. The purpose of this blog is to share that journey with readers - not only to show how proud we are of that individual, but also to demonstrate what can be achieved through hard-work, consistent application, trusting the processes in place and having a positive attitude towards change.

Also you can hear from the clients themselves as they describe how they have changed, the benefits they have received, and how much of an impact the coaching has had on them personally.

In our first blog, we follow Uzma’s Journey. This is her Client Experience, starting with Katie's input:


See what Coach Katie has to say:

Uzma's main goal was to lose weight, she wants to feel more comfortable in her clothes and feel more energised day to day.

The results below are a snapshot of the weight loss goals Uzma has achieved in just 8 weeks. Bearing in mind, she is now lifting over her bodyweight in deadlifts for 6 reps! Uzma is an A* client, she is inquisitive and determined! She has utilised what she has learnt to make healthy changes to her lifestyle, which will not only help to reach her future goals but maintain a healthy weight long-term.

I am extremely proud to be Uzma's coach, I cannot wait to see what she can achieve in the future! It's currently Ramadan therefore her aim is to maintain rather than progress - but keep your eyes peeled over the next few months to see what Uzma achieves long-term!

Results from January 23 - March 23 (8 weeks)


See what Uzma has to say:

What lead you to start Personal Training? My fitness and nutrition needed improving. I had a weight loss goal in mind and needed help in achieving it. Accountability was the main driving force for me. Somebody who would set realistic goals by supporting me with their expert advice, which in return would increase my motivation and ultimately deliver great results.

Friendly, patient and knowledgeable, at the same time possessing a highly professional nature.

Why did you choose Bee-Fit for your coaching services? I was extremely impressed with how qualified and experienced the coaches are. They have experience working with people, who had similar goals to myself. I found their prices to be affordable. But most importantly, upon meeting my coach-Katie, I knew straight away I could work with her. Friendly, patient and knowledgeable, at the same time possessing a highly professional nature.

What were your early experiences of your sessions like? Surprisingly, I felt relaxed. As I was told by my coach gradually make small lifestyle changes ("steps" and increase hydration levels), prior to my training sessions. During the sessions, I started with the basics at a comfortable and enjoyable pace. I was learning something new every time, whether it was fitness or nutrition related.

"I always feel at ease with my coach-Katie".

How would you describe your relationship with your coach? I always feel at ease with my coach-Katie. She has an extremely friendly attitude, and is a great listener which results in me thoroughly enjoying my training sessions. Always giving advice and happily discusses my concerns throughout my training. Punctual and easily accommodates when flexibility is needed. she is highly professional. Nothing but praise for her!

What have you enjoyed the most about your time with Bee-Fit so far? Honestly-Everything! Always happy and excited to attend my sessions says it all. I give credit to my coach-Katie, in helping me achieve my goals. Without her guidance, I couldn't have done it. Every session has been fun and enjoyable, with a variety of exercises. I am always learning something new every time. The studio environment is relaxing and comfortable.

What are the greatest benefits you have experienced so far? Feeling fit and healthy! No more running out of breath on them long walks. My knowledge has increased immensely as far as nutrition is concerned. Being able to make healthy choices to control my weight, for me has been the greatest benefit. By improving my step count ,hydration levels, protein and fibre intake has led to me feeling like a new lighter version of myself.

What challenges have you overcome along the way? Changing my food choices. At times, there would be and are still days when I reach for calorie dense choices. But I have learned, that it is OK to feel like this. To not let this put a dampener on my achievements. My coaches advice to include high protein/high fibre helps to keep me fuller for longer resulting in less cravings. You can still enjoy them treats, but all in moderation.

Outside of your PT sessions, how has the coaching/training helped you in life? My general fitness levels have improved. It has made me discover my own potential and change my outlook on different situations for myself.

If you could travel back in time and provide one piece of advice to your former self, what would it be? Only change those habits/food choices, that can easily be maintained for your future. Otherwise you will struggle once your goal has been reached, reverting to bad habits once again.

"This has ultimately led to a happier, healthier, new me!"

What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far? I have learnt, in order to have great physical and mental health-you need to make changes. By incorporating healthy food choices, doesn't mean you cant reach for treats. You can enjoy everything, as long as there is a balance. Stay hydrated, and move more, walk more and most importantly exercise regularly. This has ultimately led to a happier, healthier, new me!

There will be tough days-but don't give up! Change is for the better.

What advice would you give to anyone who is considering starting their health & fitness journey or thinking about whether they would benefit from coaching? The hardest part is taking that first step, once taken you will not regret it. For me, investing in my health, was one of the best decisions I have made. By taking these small steps towards change, you will eventually reach your goals. There will be tough days-but don't give up! Change is for the better.

*Uzma purchased our Monthly Personal Training Package of 3 sessions per week (with nutrition coaching).

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