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How Personal Training Can Make a Real Difference To You: Part 2

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Continuing on from the last blog post, we would like to introduce some more reasons why you should be considering #personaltraining and the benefits it can have to your life and health.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Expanding your comfort zone in the #gym. Setting foot in a gym for the first few times is like unpacking a flat-pack kitchen only to find there is no instruction manual. Why does it all seem so complicated?

You know how you want it to look. Pictures show how it should look. But, where do I start, and how do I actually fit it all together? You can either panic-call dad for the 112th time, or hire somebody to fit it for you.

“You’ll no longer fear the weights section or the squat rack"

A personal trainer takes a lot of the pressure away. When PT’ing, a client is not judged on their competency during training - the PT is often judged for the clients competency. It’s probably more a reflection on the trainer than it is on you as a client if you are performing a movement ineffectively or unsafely in their presence.

You are hiring somebody to take away your spotlight - someone who is happy to take ownership of your gym #education and be held accountable for it in the public eye.

A PT can teach you new exercises you’ve always wanted to #learn, and also coach you through #movements to the point where you are confident enough to practice performing them on your own.

You’ll no longer fear the weights section or the #squatrack, because you’ve had the approval of a professional who has assessed your technical ability and given you the green light. It’s an invitation to believe in yourself and your own potential.

Alternative Solutions to the 'Norms'

Have you ever wondered why those guys are all promoting that same exercise, but you can never seem to find any benefit in doing that movement?

The unfortunate reality is that what works well for one individual may not necessarily work well for someone else.

Whether it’s solicited advice or not, you will get advised at some point in the gym.

You have to be very careful when trying to find what works ‘best’ for you, as everyone will offer the solution that ‘worked’ for them. Even if they didn’t end up with the desired results long-term, they will still promote their own beliefs due to ‘confirmation bias’. Telling someone it works helps to affirm their own opinions makes them feel better (even if they are talking rubbish).

Just because Sandra lost 6lbs since 9am this morning by drinking nothing but hand sanitiser does not mean your Christmas pudding pouch is going to disappear by copying her.

A PT can help to provide the best methods for you personally. They can discuss and assess your capabilities and your limitations, and show you effective alternatives that are suitable to you. They can introduce methods which allow you to achieve a range of motion you were previously incapable of, feel a muscle working you didn’t know existed, or allow you to perform an exercise in a way that does not aggravate an injury.

PTs are there to serve your needs - not promote their own egotistical opinions. It’s always worth bearing that in mind when Billy Big-Biceps is telling you that chicks don’t care about legs anyway….

Provide Clarity On The ‘Whys’ And ‘What Is Better’

It’s common for people to spend so much time trying to figure out the best method, that they end up doing nothing. Humans are naturally curious (to varying degrees). We like to know what works, and why.

The issue is that there is so much individualisation in health and fitness that so many different methods could work - so how do you decide on what the best one is?

A PT can help you to make educated decisions about what actions to take. They can provide rationale and justification behind the methods they are introducing and encouraging you to follow. This encourages your understanding, and helps with future decision making.

They can help you to weigh up the pros and cons, whilst maintaining a slightly more objective stance towards their work. Everyone has a certain degree of bias, however a good PT will challenge their bias when necessary to find the best options for you to make progress.Using evidence and science to support their information, a #PT can reassure you against any uncertainty or misunderstanding.

So there we have 6 not-so commonly mentioned benefits of personal training. We hope this has provided some insight to how valuable personal training can be as well as share our own personal opinions about the standard of service you should except to receive. If you have enjoyed reading both of the blogs and/or if you are interested in personal training please get in contact with us via the enquiry form!


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