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Things To Do During Lockdown

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The United Kingdom, like many other countries worldwide, has temporarily been placed on lockdown in order to prevent the spread of the potentially-deadly #coronavirus. This means many of us are having to adapt to a different lifestyle - one in which we are confined to our homes for the foreseeable future.

Whilst we do not yet know how long we are going to be in this predicament, it is safe to assume that normality is still a fair way off. By this stage, many of us are probably very bored, lacking motivation and running out of #Netflix series to watch for hours on end.

What’s even worse is the fact that many of us are unable to attend the gym, play/watch our beloved sports and go on our long #family walks on the weekends.

"So what should we do? Sit and vegetate for weeks, possibly months? Resign ourselves to the fact that the only way to survive is copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate?"

So what should we do? Sit and vegetate for weeks, possibly months? Resign ourselves to the fact that the only way to survive is copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate?

Perhaps that doesn’t sound so bad initially - but if any of you reading this are like us, this sentiment will soon change!

To help you out, we would like to offer some suggestions on what you can do to improve your #health and #fitness during this period. It’s time to be proactive. There are many things outside of your control during these circumstances - therefore you should aim to focus on what you can control.

Your health and fitness certainly fits into that category, with many benefits - it not only allows you to mobilise and release the stiffness from prolonged periods of sitting, but it’s great from a mental perspective too. It helps to relieve stress and allows you to be ‘in the moment’, instead of worrying about the bills and inevitable fear of contracting the virus.

You may have way more time to focus on yourself than before. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the freedom. Every cloud….

And for those of you that don’t have as much spare time - this means that the little time you do have is of higher value. So, why not use it wisely?

Side note : we all know that you can walk, run and cycle for 1 hour a day. We’re not gonna teach you how to suck eggs.


1) Try something new with your training

Do you have limited kit? Limited space? Perhaps now is the time be creative or start something new. If you’ve ever considered taking up pilates or a martial art - find some online videos that can help you. Maybe you can practice and learn some new exercises which you haven’t done before - mixing up your training routine.

It’s amazing how effective different training methods can be, and also how little we actually need for a high-quality training session. Now is as good a time as any to experiment.

Some useful kit for home workouts are listed below, see our personal recommendations by clicking on the link:

3. TRX - easy to hook onto a door when in use

2) Try Personal Training or Online Classes

We have had fantastic success with our PT and #ClassesOnline so far (so excuse us for our shameless plug!). Some of us may be in a situation whereby we are actually saving money - through working from home without extra expenses, such as meals and drinks out, petrol money, lunch in work etc. What better time to invest in some personal training or online classes? Yes, this is a slight downgrade from face-to-face coaching, but it is still an effective method of learning and being accountable to your training and goals.

The #coaching can also provide some much needed socialisation - which is one the things you may miss the most about the gym. Classes especially are very useful for this - and this is one of the main reasons why our members continue to attend online - they can socialise with their friends despite the distancing.

Having a coach can help you to make the most of the limited kit you have and make sure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively. If you are interested, hit our enquire now button!

3) Read some fitness books

Reading will not only provide a mental distraction from the stressful situation at present - but it will also provide you with some genuine development opportunities. Learning some more about health & fitness will never go to waste. (presuming you actually want to have a healthy lifestyle and you aren’t reading a load of drivel which is better used as emergency toilet paper).

Arming yourself with more knowledge and/or motivation can help to provide a solid psychological foundation for when you return to exercise. When you unwrap new toys/tools, you want to use them and put them to the test, right? It can also help to educate you on how to do what you can currently and make the most of whatever you may have in terms of facilities/equipment at home.

A very useful book for weight loss and maintaining the weight lost afterwards is Fat Loss Forever by Layne Norton - check it out here

If you are interested learning about anatomy and how muscles work during exercise, as well as which exercises work for each muscle group - then Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier is a must-read!

4) Experiment with healthy cooking

Have you always wondered how instagram influencers make such healthy, appetising meals in their posts? Well perhaps now is your chance to find out. After you have fought your way through the hordes of handwash gatherers at your local supermarket, you can attempt to put some healthy meals together which you haven’t made before.

This has a number of obvious advantages such as a boredom cure, a potentially lower-calorie meal option without losing taste - as well as practice for being able to ‘throw things together’ during a regular, chaotic weeknight.

It’s also a great time to experiment with meal prep - you are able to adapt portion sizes, manipulate ingredients and batch cook for busier times ahead, or for times when you are running low on foods due to supermarket shortages!

5) Get used to Calorie Tracking

If we had a pound for every time i’ve heard ‘I haven’t got time to track my calories’, we’d be able to stash a few extra 48-packs of toilet roll. We’ll gloss over the fact that this statement is an absolute load of rubbish to explain that now, is as good a time as any, to practice tracking calories.

You may find that you prove yourself wrong - that it’s really not that time-consuming after all, it’s actually very simple to weigh your portions and track them and most apps are actually really user-friendly (we particularly like MyFitnessPal). Who knows, dare we say you may even start to enjoy the benefits of tracking your calories and not leaving the lockdown period resembling a small hippopotamus.

6) Get your kids involved in exercise

The benefits to this one are practically endless. Children spend a lot more time on video games and looking at screens than they used to - and this typically means less active lifestyles. Exercise is great for children mentally and physically - it not only keeps them fit and healthy but it allows them to blow off some steam.

You are also your children’s most important role models, so it’s a good idea to lead by example. Let them see you do your exercise, and encourage them to join in. If you can get them to do some exercise with you, not only is it valuable bonding time but it can help to create a positive associate with #fitness and #training - as it is something they enjoy with mam and dad.

Hopefully these tips will provide you with some #inspiration for exercise during this period. Your training should remain important, and if it isn’t already important - then it should be!

It’s just simply about finding the methods of training that work best for you, that provide a reasonable level of results, enjoyment, and challenge combined.

We offer various forms of coaching facilities for those that would like a little bit more guidance with exercise and training. Check out our Online Services page to see what packages we have available.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog - if you enjoyed it, please leave a like and share the blog on social media so others are able to read it (click the three dots on the top of the blog to share) - thanks!

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