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by conquering your limitations and taking control of your diet and training once and for all. 

About Us
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Who Are We?

Welcome to SKD Coaching! 

Our mission is to help you to elevate your health and fitness to the next level. We provide the guidance and support that enables you to surpass your own expectations, both mentally and physically and achieve the dream result you think about day and night. 

In just 90 days we can help you to lose up to 20lbs, teach you how to take control of your diet and training and unlock your potential inside and outside of the gym! 

We don't believe in quick fixes. In our programme you will learn skills for life and develop the habits and behaviours to achieve your dream results and to make them stick in the long run.  Longevity is very important to us. 

We are experts in providing evidence-based coaching and have helped 100's of people with many responsibilities, such as busy working lives and raising young children, to achieve fantastic results. 

Our coaching experience is personalised to you and your needs to allow you to be as consistent as possible in adhering to the process. We help you overcome any barriers you have in order to get the changes you want. You'll never be short of support and accountability - we pride ourselves on this at SKD Coaching!

If this sounds like something you need in your life, please don't hesitate to get in touch and find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sean & Katie 


Client Transformations 
See for yourself what can be achieved...


Our Founders

Hi, we're Sean and Katie Darlow! 

Being fit and healthy is central to our lives. We've both come from a background in sport, we met in the gym and now we run a business together to help others find success and enjoyment in their own health and fitness journeys.

Our passion for what we do gets us out of bed everyday, it is an honour and a privilege to be able to call this our work. 

We both have had our own personal ups and downs throughout our journeys. We certainly didn't start out as you see us today.


Katie's journey started with her being very uncomfortable in herself, despite being sporty she lacked the knowledge and structure to allow her to have the relationship with her body that she always dreamed about.  She felt frustrated at how difficult it was to lose fat, despite her best efforts - she actually took up running everyday, for ALL of the wrong reasons. (Sound familiar?)

Now she feels like a completely different person, fully empowered with her knowledge and the freedom she has. Confident in herself, in control of her diet and grateful for everything her body is capable of.  She dresses based on what she wants to wear, not what she can fit into and trains to feel strong and fit, not slimmer. 

Sean's journey started at the other end of the spectrum, he always felt skinny growing up and always struggled to build muscle alongside all of the sport he was doing, and later in life all the work and social life he had to juggle. He also battled with body dysmorphia, often feeling like results came harder to him than everyone else. We actually can't find a picture of him during that time - he dodged the camera that much! Does that sound relatable to you?! 

Similar to Katie, Sean lacked the structure and guidance to match his work ethic.  Thankfully, he embraced the unknown, dedicated himself to learning and stepping outside of his comfort zone. Now life looks completely different for him too! He's extremely proud of how far he has come, feels stronger and fitter than he's ever felt and has his body dysmorphia well and truly under wraps. 

Most people who know us would be surprised to hear our background stories, we started in a place very similar to where many of you will be today. 

Together, we make an amazing team. As a client you will benefit from both of our insights and wisdom,  as well as support from from us and all of our amazing members!

We want you to succeed just as much as you do, just like we have done ourselves in our own journeys. 


We'll make sure we deliver on our promise of success!

Sean and Katie Darlow - Founders and Coaches at SKD Coaching.

Does it work?

See what others have to say...

Sam Treadwell - Fat loss Transformation

Sam Treadwell, 28

"How would I describe my experience? 

Life changing - without SKD coaching I would 100% still be “starting on Monday”, feeling unhappy in my own skin, probably putting on more and more weight.

Before I started with SKD coaching I was queen of saying 'I’ll start on Monday'. I knew I needed to do something, I felt uncomfortable and lethargic, but was also anxious about going to the gym and actually starting, despite having a sporty background. 

Joining with Katie and Sean really gave me the push I needed to get me to the gym and give me some much needed motivation.

My first time walking back in to the gym I felt nervous, and out of place. The structure of workout plan set by Katie was perfect as it allowed me to know what I was doing. I went in, got my head down and did the workout and left as quickly as I could. As the weeks have gone on my confidence has grown massively, I don’t feel like I’m out of place or that everyone is looking at me and I know that the gym is never somewhere you should feel out of place because everyone is so focused on their own goals, they aren’t even looking at you. 

The support from Katie has been invaluable, she is always happy to answer questions or address any concerns I have and I know that she genuinely wants me to succeed. 

SKD coaching us had a huge impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for the advice and support I have been offered. I now find myself more comfortable in my clothes and feeling more energetic. I can see the changes in my body, and so can others, I feel stronger and after playing a netball match I felt so much fitter than I felt before. 

I now think about the food I’m putting in to my body and how that food is going to help fuel me (but I still find some calories for an ice cream here and there!) and have learnt so much about diet, exercise and myself, and without Katie I would never have done it." 


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